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Experience And Insider Insight: Former Deputy Prosecutor, Appointed Judge, BMV General Counsel And Military Veteran

What makes a good defense lawyer? Apart from experience, a key ingredient for success is the ability to view cases from all angles. Your lawyer must understand how the various players in the justice system — the judge, prosecutor, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and jury — will approach your case.

A wealth of diversified experience spanning nearly two decades serves as the foundation for our success at DeVries Law Office. Our founding attorney, Scott A. DeVries, possesses an invaluable background. He has held several prestigious positions within the legal system such as:

  • Deputy prosecutor for Marion County
  • Master commissioner (appointed judge) in felony criminal courts
  • General counsel (attorney in charge of the legal department) for the Indiana BMV
  • Judicial law clerk for the Court of Appeals of Indiana

As a military veteran, lawyer Scott A. DeVries approaches the practice of law with the highest level of honor and integrity. The discipline, perseverance and strategic analysis skills he honed as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps continue to serve as strengths in the battlefield of the courtroom. Clients appreciate his unwavering dedication to their liberties and future.

Few other professionals have this distinctive breadth of experience, which both enriches and enhances Mr. DeVries' approach to helping clients.

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