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2 Different Indiana Parents Charged With DWI and Neglect

August 16, 2018

According to law enforcement authorities, two different Indiana parents are facing charges of driving while intoxicated and neglect. The first incident involved a 33-year-old Muncie man who was stopped by a Ball State University police officer on June 25 after driving erratically. The second incident involved a 27-year-old Muncie woman who reportedly crashed her vehicle. Both people had their children in their vehicles.

Police report that the 33-year-old man was pulled over after the officer noticed him crossing the center line and then continue to drive erratically. When he was pulled over, he reportedly spoke very quickly and appeared to be impaired. He did not have alcohol in his system, and he initially refused a blood test. The officer obtained a court order for a blood test, and the test came back positive for amphetamines.

The 27-year-old woman reportedly ran off the road and crashed at a roundabout on Aug. 12. She reportedly submitted to a breath test but refused a blood draw. Police drew her blood after obtaining a warrant. Her breath test showed that her blood alcohol concentration was .284 percent. People are considered to be legally intoxicated when their blood alcohol concentrations are .08 percent or higher. Like the man, the woman had her child in her vehicle at the time of her crash. The woman was previously convicted of driving while intoxicated in 2010 and 2011.

Drunk driving charges may bring serious penalties if people are convicted. When there are aggravating factors such as having children in the vehicle or having multiple prior offenses, the potential penalties may be especially severe. People may benefit by retaining criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible after they have been charged to try to resolve their cases in the most favorable way.

Source: The Star Press, “Muncie parents face DWI, neglect allegations“, Douglas Walker, Aug. 14, 2018

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