Habitual Traffic Violations: Understanding The Harsh Consequences

"Habitual traffic violator" (HTV) is not a label you want on your driving record. Indiana law imposes severe penalties for habitual traffic offenders. You could face a suspension of your driver's license lasting five or 10 years. What's more, if you get caught driving after your license has been suspended due to habitual traffic violations, you could face felony charges and lifetime loss of driving privileges. No other traffic offenses carry such harsh punishments.

There are many ways to run afoul of Indiana's habitual traffic violation laws. Certain combinations of repeated or major moving violations — such as driving under the influence or driving with a revoked license — can result in an HTV designation. You should always consult with a skilled traffic defense lawyer whenever facing major or repeat traffic violations.

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At DeVries Law Office, our lawyer is one of Indiana's leading legal authorities on traffic law. He mastered the nuances of this highly technical field over the course of nearly two decades.

You can rest assured that our attorney brings a unique level of well-rounded experience to your case. Before starting his own practice, Scott A. DeVries served as a deputy prosecutor, appointed judge and in-house legal counsel for the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles — the agency responsible for handling driving records and suspensions. He also participated in a legislative committee to rewrite the state's traffic laws.

As a result of his exceptional breadth of experience, Mr. DeVries understands every aspect of Indiana's law on habitual traffic violations.

Attorney DeVries knows how to view these cases through the lens of the prosecutor, BMV and judge. You can feel confident placing your trust in his proven abilities.

Don't Risk Making A Bad Situation Worse

If your driving privileges are in jeopardy, contact Indianapolis habitual traffic violations lawyer Scott A. DeVries as soon as possible. Our firm will work hard to identify and pursue all available options in your case.

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