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Are You Fully Prepared for the Fourth? Exposing Breathalyzer Inaccuracies in Drunk Driving Cases 2 Different Indiana Parents Charged With DWI and Neglect Vince Vaughn Charged With DUI in California Westfield High School Boys’ Tennis Team Will a DUI Affect Your Professional License? Penalties for Driving While Intoxicated Criminal Charges Add to Troubles of Indiana Man After Lawsuit Know Your Rights When Facing Campus Discipline PTSD Blamed for Increases in Veteran Drinking and Drunk Driving Family Hopes for Stricter School Bus Laws After Crash Understanding a Drunk Driving Arrest How Drug Convictions May Affect Students Indiana Has Strong Penalties for Driving Under the Influence Preliminary Hearings in DUI Cases Indiana Man Charged With OVWI After Vehicle and Foot Chase Indianapolis 500 Winner Al Unser Jr. Facing Drunk Driving Charge Notre Dame Administrator Charged With Drunk Driving Why Choose DeVries Law Office? How Can an OVWI Affect my Career? Study Finds Binge Drinking, DUIs Increasing Among U.S. Veterans Indy 500 Winner Pleads Guilty to Drunk Driving Binge Drinking on College Campuses Connected to Weight Loss What Are the Consequences for Refusing a Breathalyzer Test? What Greek Organizations Should Know as Pledge Season Arrives How Can a Campus Sex Crime Affect Me? How Can College Students Avoid Binge Drinking and DUIs? What’s the Difference Between Bullying and Hazing? How Can You Avoid a Campus DUI While Attending College? How PTSD Can Affect a Service Member’s Custody Battle How to Handle Computer Theft on Campus Stiff Penalties for Drunk Driving in IN Are Universities Responsible for Campus Crimes? Challenges Associated With Drugged Driving Are College Campuses Considered Drug-Free Zones in Indiana? The Most Common Campus Crimes A Plea Bargain May Reduce the Sentence for a Felony Theft Charge Do Breath Test Devices Yield Accurate Results? Drunk Driving Charges and Health Problems How Can a DUI Affect College Students? Is it Possible to Remove a DUI Conviction From Your Record? What Are Some Safety Tips for Incoming Freshman? DUI Charges and Depression Indiana Penalties for Underage Drinking and Driving Penalties for OWI in Indiana Fighting Academic Penalties After Facing Criminal Charges Indiana Law Enforcement Ramps Up for Labor Day Weekend Do You Qualify for the Indianapolis Drug Treatment Diversion Program? What Are Your Rights When Dealing With the College Disciplinary Board? What Should You Do When Pulled Over for a DUI? How Should You Prepare for a Disciplinary Hearing? What Are Field Sobriety Tests? How Do Ignition Interlock Devices Work? What Binds a Private University to Respect My Rights?
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"Scott goes directly to the point in any given situation. He is outstanding in his performance of duties requested of him. He is dependable and carries through with obligations." James R. Burge, PhD
"Best attorney out there gave it to me straight. Helped a very anxious client through his firsts and last court cases." Brandon Britton
"One of the best lawyers I have ever had. Gets right to it and stays in contact. One hell of a lawyer. Thank you." Adam James