No parent ever wants to even consider the thought of getting a divorce. But sometimes things just do not work out like you had hoped and it is the best decision for you to make. As a father, divorce can be especially hard because the thought of not having your children around can be excruciating.

Even though you moved out of your house, that still does not mean that you have to stop being a good dad. As a matter of fact, your children will need you now more than ever to offer love and support during this challenging time. It is especially difficult with you not being there full time. You must put your children’s needs first.

Tips for helping divorced dads cope

Some ways to do that include:

  • Ask your former spouse for joint custody. It can be joint physical custody or joint legal custody. This is when your children will have two households. It will be yours and your exes. You both have the right to make decisions about your children.
  • Make sure you are informed about child support. You will more than likely be paying for child support if you are called the non-custodial parent by the courts. How much you will have to pay can vary based on your income and your children’s needs.
  • Put your children’s needs first. Make sure they know that you are not a part-time dad but always there for them. Realize that you did not divorce them.
  • Make sure you have a good parenting plan. This details the custody of your children that you negotiated with your ex and says how you both will continue to provide for your children.
  • If you do end up with visitation, make sure that you cherish every moment. This is when you as the non-custodial parent gets an opportunity to schedule time to spend with your children. It is usually at a time that works best for the custodial parent. The custodial parent is the one with custody of your children.

Being a divorced dad is never easy. But hopefully, there are a few things that will make you think about what is best moving forward. Especially, when it comes to spending time with your children.