Fewer members of the military in Indiana and across the country are choosing to marry according to one study. In 2017, around 51.7 of all troops on active duty were married while 56.6 percent were married in 2011. These statistics reflect similar trends to the overall population outside the military as well. When people in the military do choose to marry, they also face the possibility of divorce. Divorce rates held steady in 2017, remaining in the 3 percent range for the fourth consecutive year.

During 2017, around 21,290 married members of the military divorced out of a total of 689,00 married troops. This marked a slight decline from the year before when 22,500 people sought a divorce out of 707,230 married military members. The military divorce rate, which is calculated differently than the civilian divorce rate, compares the number of members of the armed forces listed as married at the beginning of a year with those who report a divorce during the course of the year.

The likelihood of military divorce can vary by military branch, gender and rank. Researchers report that female troops have a much higher divorce rate than male military members with the rate being about 275 percent greater in the Army. Even so, women’s divorce rates in the Army and Air Force have been on an ongoing decline. The same is not true of the Marine Corps where women have a divorce rate of 7.1 percent. This number has not decreased since 2012, which researchers said indicated that Marine life could be difficult for married women.

Divorce can be challenging for people in all walks of life, including members of the military. A family law attorney may help individuals dealing with a military divorce to protect their rights and achieve a fair settlement on issues including military child custody, spousal support and property division.