Women are often big dreamers of falling in love, having the wedding of their dreams and raising children together in a fairy-tale life. However, the age-old complaint among many women is how difficult it is to get a man to commit. But interestingly, when it comes to divorce, men are not typically the initiators, women are.

After many studies conducted of heterosexual marriage couples calling it quits, the majority show women as the pursuers of divorce. Why is this? Here are some ideas to answer this puzzling question.

Over-analyzing the details

Many women tend to over analyze their marriages and relationships in general. Men tend to report more satisfaction due to not thinking as much about a marriage situation as their partners. Because women are more relationship-focused, they tend to talk about it with their friends, their husbands, a counselor, and anyone else who will listen.

The danger is making a mountain out of a molehill. But after the mountain is made, women are more vocal about their marital dissatisfaction. Men are usually more willing to continue with a marriage that is considered “sub-par” or “lukewarm” in the sight of their female partner because of the difference in perspective.

Strong and independent type

Some independent, feminist-driven women might feel more uncomfortable in a marriage than their partner and less tolerant of the marriage continuing. Women may feel overwhelmed with the traditional roles and responsibilities of housework and childcare and therefore seek a divorce to recapture their independence outside of the home. Initiating a divorce could make a woman feel empowered in a marriage that she views as oppressive or misogynistic.

If you want to work things out with your significant other, it helps to understand the trends between divorces, and why they are sought after. You may want to give your partner space and time to reflect on the real reasons they want a divorce. Perhaps it is worth salvaging, but at the same time, once divorce is brought up, it is hard to take the topic off the table.