When Indiana military couples get a divorce, one of the things they have to discuss is child custody. Some people may wonder how their role as an active-duty service member will affect a custody arrangement, so it is important for people to understand the fine details. 

Many of the elements present in civilian custody arrangements are present in military custody arrangements. FindLaw says that people still usually have to consider the best interests of their children. Most of the time, military families have to put together a family care plan so everyone knows who will take care of the kids when a parent goes abroad. People usually have to include information about the kind of care a child needs. This might include medical and financial information. Additionally, this plan usually names a short-term caretaker and a long-term caretaker. Many service members may choose to name their ex-spouse as this caretaker so that the kids automatically go to their other parent in the event of deployment. 

Military parents may wonder if their service will prevent them from having custody of their children. According to Military OneSource, a court typically cannot base child custody arrangements on whether a parent may deploy in the future. This means that an active-duty military parent can usually still have custody of the kids. Additionally, the other parent generally cannot request a modification while the other parent is stationed abroad. These measures can help ensure that active-duty service members still play an active role in their children’s lives. 

It is important to remember that relocation may sometimes complicate child custody. People typically have to follow the custody laws of Indiana when they relocate. Most of the time, people may have to demonstrate whether a move will be in the best interests of their children. Military parents may want to include relocation in their family care plan to make this transition easier.