If you are thinking about ending your marriage, you must prepare yourself to divvy up everything you and your spouse own. In Indiana, you should receive an equitable share of the marital estate. Your marital estate probably includes more than just your house, cars, savings, investments and personal property. 

Nowadays, many companies use rewards programs to attract customers. While frequent flyer programs are common ones, you may have reward points at grocery stores, retail outlets, gyms, theaters or virtually anywhere else. If your accumulated rewards points are marital property, your spouse may have some legal claim to them. 

When did you accrue rewards?

Because property you acquire before marriage is typically separate from the marital estate, you likely do not have to worry about dividing it. 

You can probably keep the rewards points you accumulated before walking down the aisle. Rewards you accrued during your marriage are probably marital property, however. 

Does your spouse want your rewards points?

Some rewards points, such as those for a complimentary sandwich, may not matter much to your spouse. Your husband or wife may consider others, like a free airline trip, to be valuable. 

Before wading into the technical details of dividing rewards points, you should probably investigate whether your spouse cares if you simply keep the points. 

Are your rewards points transferable?

If your spouse wants all or some of the rewards points you have accumulated, you must determine if sharing them is even possible. Many companies expressly prohibit the transfer of both points and perks. 

Dividing nontransferable points may require giving up other assets of equal value to secure exclusive ownership.