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Driver’s License Suspension

Will My License be Suspended?

Indiana law takes a harsh stance on serious traffic offenses. Violations can result in points against your driver’s license. Too many points can lead to suspension of your driving privileges for months or even years.

If you are facing suspension, don’t give up before consulting with an attorney about your case. You may have options. For example, you might be able to apply for a hardship license. At DeVries Law Office, our team can walk you through your options.

Get Help From the Former General Counsel for the Indiana BMV

Founding attorney Scott A. DeVries is a go-to legal resource for those facing loss of driving privileges. He draws on years of experience as a former deputy prosecutor — and a former legal adviser to the Indiana BMV — to give his clients a strategic advantage.

Few other lawyers have such an in-depth grasp on the nuances of Indiana’s driving laws. In fact, Mr. DeVries served on a legislative committee that worked toward rewriting the state’s motor vehicle laws. He will apply a keen eye for detail in analyzing your circumstances and identifying options for protecting your license. In some cases, he can even end lifetime license revocations.

We Know the Nuances of the Law

No case is too complicated for us to tackle. Our firm represents both casual and commercial drivers facing license suspension as a result of serious traffic infractions such as:

  • Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, including underage drinking while driving
  • Reckless driving, including street racing and distracted driving
  • Hit-and-run accidents
  • Driving without insurance

We are well-versed in the laws impacting habitual traffic offenders.

Don’t Settle for Less

When your driving privileges are in jeopardy, don’t settle for anything less than a distinguished advocate with proven experience.Call our office at (317) 752-7563. With office in Indianapolis, we help people throughout Indiana. Initial consultations are always free in matters involving traffic violations.

Client Reviews
"Scott goes directly to the point in any given situation. He is outstanding in his performance of duties requested of him. He is dependable and carries through with obligations." James R. Burge, PhD
"Best attorney out there gave it to me straight. Helped a very anxious client through his firsts and last court cases." Brandon Britton
"One of the best lawyers I have ever had. Gets right to it and stays in contact. One hell of a lawyer. Thank you." Adam James