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Legal Representation In Child Support Matters

After a divorce or separation, both parents are responsible to provide financial support for their child. In Indiana, the amount of child support due is based on a court-ordered formula that considers both parents’ incomes, the resulting living arrangements determined in the child custody order and certain other factors.

While child support issues may seem clear-cut, it is not always easy to navigate the pertinent laws. The Indiana Child Support Guidelines are often confusing if you’re not familiar with them.

How We Help

At DeVries + Kelly, we can assist. Founding attorney Robin Kelly is recognized by Indiana Super Lawyers in the field of family law, and can provide legal counsel and direction to help you establish:

  • A child support order
  • A modification to an existing order
  • An order for health insurance and medical support
  • Past due child support amount
  • Child support enforcement of an existing support order
  • Paternity and other issues affecting support

If you are a grandparent or another relative of the child in your custody, you may also apply for child support payments from the biological parents.

The Indiana Child Support Guidelines Can Be Complex

The Indiana Child Support Guidelines are the guiding force for child support calculations; however, if there is evidence that the amount of child support is not fair, deviation from the guidelines might be warranted.

Income verification, computations, basic support obligations, parenting time credits, post-secondary education worksheets and other parameters can make figuring out child support an overwhelming process.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a lawyer, call our office at 317-762-0082 for a consultation or reach out to us online. With offices in Hamilton County and Indianapolis, we’re always ready to help.