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Legal Representation For Divorce Proceedings

There is no such thing as a stress-free divorce. When spouses decide to part ways, it leads to substantial life changes. Individuals fear they will lose access to their children or be unable to remain financially secure.

At DeVries + Kelly, we strive to protect our clients’ interests throughout divorce proceedings. Our attorneys understand how stressful this time can be and take care to work closely with the individuals we represent, keeping them informed at every step to ensure they make the well-thought-out decisions and stay on track to pursue the best possible legal outcomes.

With offices in Indianapolis and Hamilton County, we serve throughout the region and are always prepared to answer clients’ questions and address their concerns. Contact us today for a consultation.

A Less Stressful Approach To Divorce

It is often optimal when spouses can work together to resolve their divorce decree. Simply put, when spouses can agree on matters, including property division, child support and child custody, they are able to keep decisions in their own hands — rather than granting a family court judge power over their lives.

Although always prepared to zealously represent clients in litigation, founding attorney Robin Kelly has helped guide clients toward solutions through tools such as mediation, settlement conferences and collaborative law. Recognized by Indiana Super Lawyers, she has proven herself adept in facilitating mediation, arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Nevertheless, Robin also possesses a wealth of experience in the courtroom and is always able to represent her clients’ interests at trial when the situation demands it.

Get Started Today

Contact DeVries + Kelly for a comprehensive review with a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer about your options for divorce.

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