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Property Division: Dividing Assets And Debts

Indiana is an equitable distribution state. What this means is that, when a couple divorces, their marital property will be divided in an equitable manner, which does not necessarily mean equal. As such, it is common for individuals involved in divorce proceedings to worry that they will not receive their fair share, or they will be unable to keep the assets that are most valuable to them.

The attorneys at DeVries + Kelly can help. Drawing on over 15 years of experience in the field of family law, our firm is recognized for its ability to help its clients emerge from divorce proceedings on firm financial footing. We are seasoned litigators and are always ready to assert our clients’ rights and interests in court.

With offices in Indianapolis and Hamilton County, we serve throughout the region and are always prepared to assist.

What If My Spouse Is Hiding Assets?

Some spouses hide assets from their partner or spouse during their marriage, or when they believe their marriage may be ending. Indeed, they believe that registering a car or home in another person’s name, or moving financial assets into a foreign bank account, may be a means to safeguard what’s most important to them.

But, of course, concealing assets (and debts) during divorce proceedings is against the law, and there are serious legal penalties. For example, the judge could order the offending spouse to pay the other’s legal fees or even hold him/her in contempt.

At DeVries + Kelly, we work hard to ensure that property division proceedings are conducted fairly. Drawing on our experience, we are skilled at uncovering hidden assets and holding offending parties to account. If needed, we use forensic accountants or other financial experts to ensure our clients’ rights to a fair and equitable distribution are not compromised.

Discuss Your Property Division Questions

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