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How Do I Get A Hardship License?

Driving without a license can lead to serious criminal consequences. If your driver’s license was suspended due to serious traffic violations, OVWI/DUI charges or designation as a habitual traffic offender, you might still have options for driving legally.

One such option is a hardship license, now called a specialized driving permit, which will restore your driving privileges on a limited basis. Many people who did not qualify a few years ago for a restricted license may now qualify under the new laws for specialized driving privileges.

Contact An Authority On Driver’s License Suspensions

At DeVries Law Office, we can examine your circumstances and determine whether you are eligible for a hardship license. Founding attorney Scott A. DeVries is a distinguished leader in the field of Indiana driver’s license suspension law. His experience handling virtually every type of traffic violation spans almost two decades.

Before becoming a defense attorney, Mr. DeVries served in various prestigious positions. He was a deputy prosecutor for Marion County and general counsel for the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Such valuable experience gives him a unique perspective on how to effectively pursue hardship licenses. It sets him leagues apart from others in this extremely technical field.

Leveraging Experience As An Appointed Judge To Convince The Court

To obtain a hardship license, you must not only meet the eligibility criteria but also convince a court that your inability to drive creates an extreme burden for you and your loved ones. Our firm knows firsthand what the judge will look for in reviewing your case.

You can rely on our proven trial skills and meticulous attention to detail. We will apply a comprehensive knowledge of Indiana’s traffic laws to leverage every opportunity for success in your favor.

Don’t Turn To Just Anyone For Legal Advice

Our firm is a sought-after resource for experienced guidance on hardship licenses (restricted driver’s licenses). Contact us online or call 317-972-9799 to arrange a free initial consultation for a traffic violation concern. Based in Indianapolis, we help clients statewide.