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How Can a DUI Affect College Students?

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2020 | Firm News

June 16, 2020

Indiana college students like you may not know how to handle DUI charges. For you, this might act as a first offense. You may not have any knowledge on what to do next. You may even think that a first time DUI charge is nothing to worry about.

But any DUI charge can lead to a conviction. Convictions are serious business. You can see the entire course of your college career veer out of your control due to DUI convictions.

How Colleges Handle DUI Convictions

The College Investor says a DUI conviction has the potential to ruin your college trajectory. This is not because a college will kick you out. In fact, it is not common for a college to expel students for DUI related convictions or crimes. But this does not mean they let these students go unpunished.

In most cases, your financial support ends up damaged. If the college provided scholarships or other forms of aid, they may pull this aid. They may also ban you from staying on on-campus housing. This means you must find housing in the city or area surrounding the college. This is much more expensive than on-campus housing in most cases. This combination often prices students out of college.

Penalties Outside of Financial Support Loss

A college may choose other methods of penalty, too. They may require community service time on campus. They may bar you from entering certain classes. For example, you may not get involved with commercial driving or licensing. You may have restrictions for childcare or teaching, too. This can act as a major setback to many students like you.