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Indiana’s Drunk Driving Laws

The exact statutes for drunk driving charges and penalties in Indiana are publicly available. But like most laws, they can be densely written and difficult to understand. Below, we have provided a guide to drunk driving statutes in plain English.

Please keep in mind that this information is a list of the DUI penalties allowed by law and does not necessarily reflect what will be prescribed in each DUI case. For a more specific assessment of your DUI charges and what the likely consequences would be if convicted, please contact DeVries Law Office to speak to a qualified criminal defense attorney.

What Is Considered Drunk Driving?

Under Indiana law, a driver is legally considered intoxicated (known as per se intoxication) if he or she has a certain blood alcohol concentration (BAC). The per se limit changes based on the legal drinking age and whether or not the driver is driving commercially. Here are the guidelines:

  • A noncommercial driver over the age of 21 is considered intoxicated with a BAC at or above .08%
  • A commercial driver over the age of 21 is considered to have committed a violation if the person has a BAC at or above .04%
  • Any driver under the age of 21 is considered to have committed a violation if the person has a BAC at or above .02%

Possible DUI Penalties in Indiana

Offense Jail Time Penalties And Fines (based on BAC) License Suspension Refusal To Submit To Chemical Test
First Offense Up to one year $500 to $5,000 Up to one year An additional one-year suspension
Second Offense Five days up to 2.5 years Up to $10,000 At least one year, at most 2.5 years An additional two-year suspension
Third Offense 10 days up to 2.5 years, plus up to another eight years if the prosecutor files a habitual substance offender enhancement Up to $10,000 At least one year; at most 10 years An additional two-year suspension

Other Potential Consequences

Depending on the circumstances of your case, a conviction for drunk driving could result in other consequences not mentioned above, including:

  • An alcohol/substance abuse assessment
  • Required alcohol/substance abuse education
  • Additional expenses such as court costs, surcharges, reinstatement fees and administrative fees
  • The costs of installing and maintaining an ignition interlock device
  • A five or 10-year driver’s license suspension for being a habitual traffic violator

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