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Legal Support For Gun Charges

Guns can play a role in any criminal case, from unlawful possession of a firearm to a crime furthered by the use of a pistol, revolver or another deadly weapon. Any crime involving guns will likely involve heightened criminal penalties. You should never try to handle such high-stakes charges on your own.

At DeVries Law Office, our legal team handles gun charges with a unique degree of experience and insight. Founding attorney Scott A. DeVries possesses a unique legal background encompassing nearly every role in the criminal justice system. He has handled thousands of criminal cases as a defense attorney, Marion County deputy prosecutor and master commissioner (appointed judge). This experience – which spans more than two decades – becomes essential when you are facing a potentially devastating sentence from a firearms conviction.

Let Us Help You Fight State Or Federal Gun Charges

You can turn to our firm for dedicated legal guidance on any type of gun-related charge in Indiana state or federal courts, including:

  • Possession of illegal firearms such as sawed-off shotguns
  • Gun license violations
  • Aiming firearms at someone else
  • Illegally discharging a firearm
  • Felon in possession of a firearm
  • Armed robbery
  • Intimidation or battery with a deadly weapon
  • Federal firearm violations

We provide zealous representation through all aspects of criminal proceedings. Additionally, you can turn to our office for help on expungement law for cleaning up your criminal record.

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