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Legal Support For College Students

The Indianapolis area has a wealth of public and private colleges and universities. And in many respects, these schools are run like small cities, complete with their own police (campus security) and their own courts (disciplinary committees).

For college students accused of crimes or ethical violations, school disciplinary actions can create confusing and contradictory jurisdiction issues. Sometimes alleged crimes are reported to city police, while other times they are handled internally.

In many instances, students often face both criminal charges and disciplinary hearings related to the same allegations. And even if you are acquitted or the case is dismissed in criminal court, the school is not required to respond in kind.

Offering Student Criminal Defense

At DeVries Law Office, we understand the difficulties that students face when charged with crimes. In addition to criminal consequences like fines and jail time, you may face probation, suspension or expulsion from school.

Moreover, schools have conflicts of interest that often prevent them from treating accused students fairly. Sometimes they want to project a “tough on crime” image. Other times, they simply want a “problem” student to quietly go away.

If you have been accused of a crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer who can also help you through the difficult process of student disciplinary hearings. Our firm has helped students who were accused of numerous offenses, including:

Most of the time, lawyers are not permitted to speak publicly during disciplinary hearings. Instead, we do extensive preparation to ensure that you are ready to present a strong case, and we can quietly advise you during the proceedings. Of course, we offer full-service representation for all aspects of your case in the criminal justice system.

Why You Should Get An Attorney Involved Right Away

Many students don’t contact a lawyer until later on in the process. This mistake can limit your options. For the aspects of your case related to school disciplinary hearings, saying too much or not saying anything can each be dangerous. We will help you navigate what is often a precarious situation while also preparing your defense strategy.

Indianapolis Law Firm Offering Free Initial Consultations

When facing criminal charges, your future, your freedom and your educational ambitions are all at stake. Let DeVries Law Office help you protect what matters most to you. Call our firm at 317-972-9799, or fill out our secure online contact form. With offices in Indianapolis, we serve throughout the region.

Initial consultations are always free in cases of criminal defense.