ProtectingYour Rights

Getting Your Property Back In Your Hands

The State of Indiana has the right to confiscate property and assets that it suspects are connected to illegal activity. Many people do not realize this is legal until they have lost their property to civil forfeiture.

In the face of such a difficult challenge, DeVries Law Office in Indianapolis can defend you. Attorney DeVries has successfully helped many clients halt forfeiture proceedings and recover their assets. As a military veteran, founding attorney Scott DeVries feels strongly about protecting your constitutional rights from unlawful asset forfeiture.

Asset Forfeiture: What To Know

Civil asset forfeiture refers to the right of the state to seize any property or other assets that they suspect you gained unlawfully or used to commit a crime. Some common examples include:

Both State and Federal government have the authority to seize and forfeit property and other assets they claim you gained unlawfully or used to commit a crime. Unfortunately, most people do not understand the laws surrounding these situations. They may miss crucial deadlines or don’t defend themselves and subsequently lose their property. If your property is seized, it’s important to work with a lawyer who understands your rights so you can fight to get your property back.

A Former Prosecutor Who Handles Forfeiture

When it comes to criminal law, Scott DeVries brings insight from his previous experience as a deputy prosecutor. He has seen firsthand how the state handles civil forfeiture and builds cases against defendants. As a result, he knows exactly what procedures to follow and whom to contact to get a significantly better chance of retrieving your assets and halting the proceedings against you.

Take The First Step To Get Back Your Property

If the state has seized your assets, Scott DeVries can help you. DeVries Law Office offers free initial consultations. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by setting up a meeting. To get in touch, please call 317-972-9799 or send him an email.