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Defense From Shoplifting And Theft Charges

Shoplifting is often considered a crime of youth. But it’s not just limited to kids testing their boundaries. And while minors who get caught shoplifting may be shown leniency, adults are often prosecuted aggressively.

If convicted, consequences can include jail time or probation, court-ordered restitution, fines and community service. You may also be permanently banned from the store or chain of stores. The good news is that with the help of a skilled attorney, you may be able to fight or mitigate the criminal charges you face.

Mitigating Consequences – How An Attorney Can Help

At DeVries Law Office, we regularly help clients charged with shoplifting and other theft offenses, including:

Depending on the type of offense and the value of items stolen, we may have several options to defend against the charges, get charges/sentences reduced or seek alternatives to prosecution. These options include:

  • Alternative misdemeanor sentencing: Under Indiana law, a Level 6 felony can sometimes be reduced to a Class A misdemeanor. The change must be approved by the court and some conditions and restrictions apply, but alternative misdemeanor sentencing can prevent the short- and long-term damage of having a felony conviction on your record.
  • Diversion programs: These are alternatives to prosecution contingent on completing all requirements. A diversion program may include taking a class, paying a fee and performing community service. If successfully completed, the case will be dismissed without a conviction on your record.
  • Negotiated plea deals: Shoplifting and other petty theft is sometimes the result of mental or behavioral health issues. In such cases, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to seek a plea deal or a reduced sentence if the defendant voluntarily seeks treatment.

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