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How Can You Avoid a Campus DUI While Attending College?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2019 | Firm News

November 30, 2019

If you are a college student in Indiana, you may understand that binge drinking and college life often go hand in hand. Recovery Worldwide notes that 50 percent of students binge drink at some point during their college career, as alcohol is more readily available and creates a major temptation for young students who want to experiment. However, if you engage in this behavior in places like Indianapolis, it may result in a life-changing charge of driving while intoxicated, especially if you are pulled over on campus. Knowing the steps to take to avoid drinking and driving may prevent any disciplinary action by campus officials and keep your record clean.

One of the most effective ways to prevent a DUI on your college campus is to track how much you drink on a given evening. For example, if you are at a social event and alcohol is available, track the number of drinks you consume in one hour. If you find yourself drinking quickly and crossing the line into binge drinking, consider switching to a non-alcoholic beverage for several hours to keep your blood alcohol level down.

If you suffer from social anxiety and engage in binge drinking to cope, you may find yourself dealing with an even more stressful situation if you are charged with a campus DUI, such as having to hire a defense lawyer for your disciplinary hearing and paying costly fines. Instead of relying on alcohol, ask a friend to accompany you to parties, especially if he or she is adept at recognizing the signs of your anxiety, so you have support that is helpful and not hurtful.

Overall, if you do choose to drink at a college party, avoid driving and either use a rideshare or have a designated driver with you. This is an efficient way to stay out of DUI trouble.

This information is intended to provide general information about how to avoid a college campus DUI and should not be interpreted as legal advice.