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Helping You Establish a Will

Many individuals put off establishing a will until it is too late. But the consequences are, simply put, disastrous. If one passes on without a will, it can be unclear how their assets will be distributed among heirs. This leads — frequently — to bitter infighting among heirs. Matters can become especially complex if the deceased has divorced or has separate children from separate marriages. Namely, determining who has a right to what can be incredibly difficult to sort out.

At DeVries Law Office, we offer assistance to clients seeking to establish simple wills and protect their families. Our attorneys understand how sensitive such matters are — drafting a will is the major step toward creating a legacy and providing for one’s family in the long term. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients, taking care to understand their priorities and ensuring all of their concerns are addressed.

Do I Need to Have a Lawyer Create My Will?

Indiana does not require a lawyer to create a valid will. But the smallest procedural misstep can render a will invalid, with the result that the state will distribute your property according to its intestate laws — and not according to your wishes. Your legacy could end up going to relatives you never intended to benefit.

When you work with an attorney, you can have a lasting sense of security knowing that your will is a valid document that ensures your wishes are honored.

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